Procuring energy from a private energy supply company licensed by EMRA at a discount allows you to save on your company's energy costs. Changes in energy markets provide consumers with more savings opportunities, but also cause the structure to become more complex.

In this process, consumers do not realize the price advantages provided by other suppliers and completing their procurement processes with existing companies that have pre-privatization habits. .

However, in this process, after the privatization, EMRA equated all licensed supply companies with the same regulations in order to ensure competition and provide energy to consumers at more affordable prices, and consumers were provided to benefit from price advantages. .

Our company's energy supply specialists search for the most suitable price and contract conditions, especially sustainability, for you, analyze the risks and advantages and report them, ensuring that your company makes the right choice in this process. .

Our company is in contact with all companies that hold licenses in the electricity markets, keeps track of the commercial status, services, positive or negative aspects of the companies in the market, and always creates the most advantageous conditions for your business. .

We analyze which of the PTF+YEKDEM, fixed price or regulated tariff indexed offers offered by electricity supply companies are suitable for your business and present all price offers to you in a comparative way.


Choosing and managing the tariff as well as Energy Supply will enable you to save on the energy costs of your business.

In industrial enterprises, 70% of the electricity bills consist of active energy and 15% consists of distribution cost, while in commercial enterprises, 60% of the invoice consists of active energy and 20% is distribution cost.

With energy supply at affordable prices, savings are achieved only in the active energy cost, and in tariff selection and management, savings are achieved in distribution costs.

Each subscriber group has different tariffs and distribution fee is paid over these tariffs. Choosing and managing the right tariff for your business provides an additional savings on the distribution cost of your business.

Our company monitors the consumption habits of your business on a daily basis and provides tariff selection and management accordingly.

Your invoices, on the other hand, are analyzed and reported to you regularly every month, taking into account the price and conditions in your supply agreement, as well as your tariff. In case of a possible error, it ensures that the correction is made by communicating with the supply and distribution company before the payment is made.

Our company, which undertakes the tariff management, guarantees your business in terms of saving. We follow the changing electricity sector on a daily basis and change the way your energy is managed according to the changing regulations.


Along with the commercial sector, the industrial sector is a sector that should be addressed primarily in energy saving studies, both because it has a high energy saving potential and because the energy consumed in the industry is mostly commercial energy.

In our country, 50% of the electricity is used by the industrial sector. Our country is one of the countries with high energy density among OECD countries, since its industry is mainly trying to exist in labor and energy-intensive areas.

This puts businesses in a difficult position to compete with businesses in other countries. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an energy management approach built with high-quality main production processes-technologies, supporting technologies such as waste heat recovery, lighting revision, automation, and efficiency philosophy.

In this context, it is necessary to carry out efficient studies in areas such as energy accounting, control systems, new technologies and industrial processes in order to increase energy efficiency in the industry. As the increase in competition and the necessity of reducing production costs put pressure on the sector, energy efficiency studies have gained more importance in the industry and are increasing day by day.

Our company reduces the energy costs of your business by preparing projects that increase efficiency in the electrical energy field of your business.